Global Store Platform

The GSP is an open platform for stores, consumers, and advertisers from all over the world to participate.

Work Process


  • To establish a virtuous cycle ecosystem through fair compensation of every platform member

  • To ensure the reliability of the Big-Data that is accumulated in the platform

  • Secure the reliability of the compensation system and secure a transparent and safe management system for data

  • Resolving trade-offs through a dual system

  • Payment system expansion and global expansion through integrated currency units

Safe & Secure

Store Coin

STC is used to activate the business of consumers, stores, stores, and other companies by exchanging for STT on GSP.

Early Bonus

Marketing System

You can promote your store with services or products provided by your store without a fee on GSP.

Univarsal Access

Sales System

Stores in all industries can sell services or products, which provide fair statistical data through public STT transactions.

Secure Storage

Clean Community

User comments are rewarded through a voting system. GSP provides a clean community that will satisfy both users and stores with fair comments.

Low Cost

Reward Ads Center

The GSP advertising system is more effective in attracting new customers by providing viewers with points that can be used in stores.

Several Profit

B2B Market System

The store can be supplied with high-quality materials or consumables produced by companies at low prices through the B2B marketplace.


Token Allocation

  • 5% Private / Public Sale
  • 10% Bonus / Reward
  • 15% Marketing
  • 3% Advisor & Partners
  • 7% Team
  • 30% Exchange
  • 30% System Reserve


Our Team

CEOKyungDong Seo

• Ninth Inc. CEO
• T&S Networks CEO
• 5Th Media Korea Inc. CEO
• Ian Media Inc. CEO
• China Fifth Media Information Co., Ltd. CTO
• Japan Webfit Inc. SE

CTODongSun Nam

• Ninth Inc. CTO
• Hancom Inc. Head of development
• Cheongwadae Records Management Project PL
• Office of the Presidential Secretary of State Records RMS Advanced business technology PL
• Presidential Archives Next Generation Record Preservation System ISP Senior Researcher
• ISO TC 171 Chairman of South Korea (EDMS, PDF/A, PDF)

AdviserHaengRae Cho

• G Midas Strategic Planning Division GM
• CJ Foodville Part leader

DesignerJunKi Hong

• Service Designer

DeveloperJeongKwon Choi

• System Developer

DeveloperGunWoo Lee

• Client Developer

mobile apps

O-Store is an O2O service that can be used by all businesses that operate offline stores and is currently in trial service in South Korea Yangcheon-gu/Gangseo-gu. It is expected to be expanded to a nationwide service within 2021.

  • Store promotion function using free coupon events

  • Order/booking/payment/coupon sales function

  • Local currency and cryptocurrency payment linkages

  • Reward advertising platform that satisfies both users and advertisers

  • Cash discount sales in O-Store that can be paid with STC

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